East Millinocket Schools

East Millinocket School Board Members

Ryan Whitehouse, Chairperson
Angel Danforth, Vice Chairperson
Dan Byron
John MacLeod
Mark Wallace

Medway School Board Members

Dawn York, Chairperson
Bruce Cox, Vice-Chairperson
Gene LaPorte
Bruce Cox
Darrell Lyons

Woodville School Board

Mary Tompkins – Chairperson
Kapricemari Tompkins – Vice Chairperson
Sherry Kimball

Vision Statement

We believe all our students should:
Show respect for self and others
Show honesty
Be active participants in all aspects of school life
Strive to make healthy positive choices
Become lifelong learners.

Mission Statement

The school Committees of the Katahdin area are committed to creating safe and secure working environments. Teachers, parents, and other adults serve as positive role models, advocate for active, self-directed student participation across school communities and offer a variety of educational opportunities. Technology, fieldtrips, mentoring, and community exploration become some of the tools for implementing this diversified curriculum where all students feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.